Farewell Hacienda Network - Hello Hacienda Pulse

Welcome to the final issue of Hacienda Network!

This monthly periodical has served as the voice of the Hacienda community since 1993, when it replaced Pleasanton Pathways, a Hacienda publication which was first launched in 1983.

In its 24 years of existence, Hacienda Network has chronicled the life of Hacienda, Pleasanton, and the Tri-Valley from a business perspective. That viewpoint has extended beyond mere commerce, however. Network has always had an eye on the interlocking community facets that make up day-to-day life, whether they involve the rise of impressive start-ups; the evolution of a business from tenant and employer to community cornerstone; the interactions between companies and their employees with area non-profits and service organizations; or simply how we can travel more easily and efficiently to and from our jobs.

Fortunately, that aspect of Network will not be going away. Starting in January, Hacienda will launch Hacienda Pulse, a new publication that will continue to inform its readers about Hacienda businesses, the valuable amenities provided to park employees and residents, opportunities to engage with the community at large, and more. Features like the Hacienda Index, our popular monthly column which tracks the stock price of publicly-traded park companies, will continue as well.

As for Network, this final issue will focus on some of the landmark stories that have been covered in its pages from 1993 to 2016. You can also find Network online by visiting the Hacienda Online! section of our web site, which features all of our publications and bulletins. Enjoy!

Photo: NETWORK, August, 2002

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