Executive Profiles Have Provided Insight on the Many Paths to Success

One of the most popular features to appear in Hacienda Network has been the monthly Executive Profile which focused on how a person's career developed, starting with the influences of family, school, and the discovery of one's own personal interests. This knowledge frequently led these people to jobs that provided them with the opporunities to discover a high degree of personal satisfaction and fulfillment as they learned to define success for themselves.

The Executive Profile has allowed Network staff writers to speak with a remarkable variety of people since the feature began in 1998, including scientists, athletes, musicians, immigrants in search of the American dream, politicians, and others, all pursuing their goals in business.

While it would be difficult, if not impossible, to identify a single theme to these 19 years of interviews, it might be possible to highlight one note about navigating one's own career path. It comes from our April, 2000 profile of John O'Neill, the founder of construction firm J.M. O'Neill Inc.

"The day I started my business, my wife Mary gave me a little card to remind me that happiness is not a destination but a way of travel," he says. "That's still on the bathroom wall. I look at it every morning, in the drawer where I keep my toothbrush."

Finding happiness through a job well done is an idea that everyone can keep in mind.

Here are some more Executive Profile highlights:


Chris Kinzel, PE, president, TJKM Transportation Consultants www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-1998-02-executive-profile-chris-d-kinzel

John Dutra, Dutra Realty, prior to his election to the California State Assembly www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-1998-07-executive-profile-john-dutra


Donald Sundgren, president and CEO, Dillingham Construction Co. www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-1999-09-executive-profile-donald-sundgren


Ernie Hughes, vice president and director of operations, CarrAmerica Realty Corporation www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2000-01-executive-profile-ernie-hughes

Essy Pournoor, owner, Essy's Tailoring and Clothier www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2000-06-executive-profile-essy-pournoor

Uwe Waizenegger, Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton http://www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2000-08-executive-profile-uwe-waizenegger


Marcy Place, Cornish & Carey Commercial www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2001-11-executive-profile-marcy-place


Heiner Dreismann, Ph.D., CEO, Roche Molecular Diagnostics www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2004-04-executive-profile-heiner-dreismann-p

Stephen R. Nord, M.D., medical director, Premier Comp Medical Group www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2004-07-executive-profile-stephen-r-nord


Fabomi Ojuola, president and chairman, Crest Point Solutions www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2006-05-executive-profile-fabomi-ojuola

Imelda Acosta, Hacienda Child Development Center www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2006-08-executive-profile-imelda-acosta


Joe Callahan, president, Callahan Property Co. www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2007-07-executive-profile-joe-callahan


Peter Gassner, CEO, Veeva Systems www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2012-08-executive-profile-peter-gassner

Victor Quint, president and CEO, 1st United Services Credit Union www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2012-11-executive-profile-victor-quint


Congressman Eric Swalwell www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2013-04-executive-profile-congressman

Sue Compton, CEO, Axis Community Health www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2013-11-executive-profile-sue-compton


Joe Terry, president and CEO, Corporate Visions www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2016-02-executive-profile-joe-terry

Mark Anderson, executive director, New World Music Academy www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2016-05-executive-profile-mark-anderson

Dave Camarillo, owner, Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2016-06-executive-profile-dave-camarillo

Manu Kaushish, founder, Divine Arts www.hacienda.org/ho-network/ho-nw-2016-08-manu-kaushish-divine-arts

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